Classic Cars

30 Years Experience of Classic Aston Martins

We Pride ourselves on making your Aston Martin a car you enjoy using and driving

Aston Martin represents the pinnacle of British motoring. Servicing and maintaining of these iconic motors is our speciality.

Looking after classic Aston Martins is what we do best. It is where we started 30 years ago and what we specialise in whether it’s maintaining and servicing or restoration. Our focus is helping you get the very best from your classic Aston Martin and making it a pleasure to drive and own.

Our team are all highly trained and skilled in Aston Martins and have built up an encyclopedic knowledge of the cars. We know what should be where on these cars whether is what shade of green the oil filter bowl should be or if something should be plated or chromed.

Our work is authentic as our team know these cars.

Modifications and Enhancements

Maintaining originality is paramount to classic Aston Martins but some modifications and enhancements can greatly increase the ease and pleasure in driving these cars. We can discuss and advise you on the suitability of any change to you car and most importantly we can carry out the work whilst keeping originality and investment as key objectives.

Electronic Power Assisted Steering

A discreet enhancement that simply shows as a small control knob mounted under the main instrument binnacle. The car is more nimble around town and country lanes and the kit, which can be turned off when desired, has five settings to accomodate your driving style.

V8 Brake Kit

The overall breaking efficiency of a V8 is lacking. Whilst a great car there is definitely scope for improvement particually when trying to brake with cold brakes. Our kit uses a brake pad compound and caliper to overcome this and is as good from cold as it is from hot.

Aluminium Radiators

Given the amount of heat generated by the Aston Martin’s high performance engine overheating in a traffic jam can cause a problem.

Our aluminium radiator means less heat and greater performance.

Gearbox Conversions

Where required we can convert an automatic to a manual or a manual to automatic.

We can advise on the implications of doing this and help in the search for a gearbox for the conversion.

Preservation and Protection

To protect your Aston Martin we use Waxoyl on all parts of your car that are exposed to rain and damp conditions. We also inject Waxoyl into certain box sections to prevent moisture build up which causes the chassis to rust.


Specialists in Aston Martin DB2/4, Aston Martin DB MK3, Aston Martin DB4, Aston Martin DB5, Aston Martin DB6, Aston Martin DBS 6, Aston Martin DBS V8, Aston Martin V8 and Aston Martin DB7.