Restoration of the older heritage cars is a large part of what we do and we have a lot of experience at high quality world class restorations.

Restoration can mean every area of the car undergoes restoration or it can concentrate on specific areas. Our restorations are sympathetic to the cars needs.  We do not run a production line where each car undergoing restoration follows an identical checklist. A Pugsley and Lewis restoration depends on the car and we aim to do justice to the car’s needs.

Restoration is a fine balance between preserving the heritage, patina and investment value of your Aston Martin and creating something you look forward to driving. With our experience we can achieve this balance.

If you have a car requiring restoration talk to us about it. Based on your needs and wishes we will advise you on what work is required, how to preserve originality and value and how, if you wish,  to incorporate modifications and improvements to your car.

Our aim for your Aston Martin is to enhance its value and give you a car you are proud of and can use and enjoy.

What Models have we Restored?

Since we started in 1989 we have restored many classic Aston Martins.  We have covered all the classic models DB2/4, DB MK3, countless DB4, DB5 and DB6’s together with DBS 6’s, DBS V8’s and V8’s.

Currently we have four DB5 restorations in progress but there is always room for more!

Aston Martin Restoration Photos