Modern Cars

The classics of the future

Experience and knowledge as well as modern diagnostic techniques set us apart

Enjoy and maintain your car with Pugsley and Lewis

The new Aston Martin’s have modernised the brand and we have changed with it embracing the new cars and working on them along side the classics.

Using modern diagnostic software and years of experience we can service, maintain and enhance your car.

These cars are the classics of the future.  These cars have something special.  They are part of a world recognised and respected brand, they have power, rarity and character but they need to be maintained properly and regularly. Whilst “mass produced” for Aston Martins they are far from mass produced in the tradional sense of the phrase. These cars need regular maintenace to keep them running properly.

If you love your car and your aim is to preserve it, maintain it and most importantly enjoy it we can help you achieve those goals. We can’t offer you main dealer frills but we can offer you experience and knowledge of the cars and a personal service with someone you can speak to.