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Pugsley & Lewis have totally restored this DB6 Volante.

We have totally restored this DB6 Volante. Our commitment to maintaining originality means that we carry out or oversee every stage of the work personally, from the initial diagnostic road test and inspection, through to the finishing touches of trim and upholstery restoration. Each step is carried out to exacting standards, using only the finest materials and authentic Aston Martin parts. Where parts are no longer available, We have them precision machined. Interiors, meanwhile, are refurbished with Aston Martin-specified Connolly hides and Wilton carpets.

Chassis repair on a V8 Chassis repairs to V8 Vantage
On this particular car, corroded or damaged chassis sections have been cut away, then refabricated in stainless steel, which means they will never rust again. We also spend considerable time and thought eliminating water traps and rust-proofing the inside of box sections, exteriors and nooks and crannies, etc.

DB4GT following full mechanical rebuild, including suspension, engine, rear axle, gearbox and brake system.


DB4 GT following full mechanical rebuild
Road testing
We are firm believers in the importance of road testing as a diagnostic tool. Years of experience under the bonnet and behind the steering wheel, plus an intimate knowledge of all the marques mean we are uniquely positioned to make an authoritative assessment of the work needed to restore your car to optimum condition inside and out. This list of works is always presented to the owner for approval before any work is carried out.
Thorough road testing on completion of works allows us to make the subtle adjustments necessary for precision handling and peak performance, ensuring your Aston is a pleasure to drive.
V8, DB6 and DB5 gearboxes ready for refitment.
Fault finding
V8, DB6 and DB5 gearboxes ready for refitment. We modify the clutch fork mechanism on V8 gearboxes to eliminate the inherent seizing problem, thus keeping every gear change a joy.
Interior restoration
Uprated V8 brake kits
Unleaded conversions
Interior restoration
V8 apart for retrim and restoration of wood fascia
Uprated V8 brake kits
Oscar V8 Vantage final drive/brake calliper and disc unit after rebuild.
Unleaded conversions
V8 Vantage engine after total rebuild, including unleaded conversion, gas flow work and modification to carburettor and ignition systems.
DB4 insideDB4 outside.

We first worked on this DB4 at RS Williams back in the 70s.
Now its owners have entrusted it to us for total restoration.
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